Friday, 3 May 2013

Tune 247 - Sweets of May

A 48 bar jig usually found in close proximity to Dingles Regatta. The tune is in G but the B music is in A.

T:Sweets of May
d2c|BAG AGF|G2G G2A|BcB GAB|c3 d2c|
BAG AGF|G2G G2A|BdB cAF|1 G3:|2 G3 G3||
ABA A2G|E2F G3|ABA c2d|e2d c2B|
ABA A2G|E2F G3|A2A BAG|1 A3 A3:|2 A3ABc||
d3 d3|D3 D3|c3 c3|D3 D3|
G2D G2A|B2G B2c|ded cBA|1G3 GBc:|2 G3||

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