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Tune 544 - Chelmsford Races

  The tune dates to the 18th century when it was printed in the 1790's collections of John Watlen and James Aird. Played on one of my frankenboxes, basically a Hohner Pokerwork case fitted with single voice, flat mounted Cagnoni reeds. X:122 T:Chelmsford Races M:6/8 L:1/8 K:G |:D|G2 G GFG|A2 A d2 d|B2 B G2 G|FGA DEF| G2 G GFG|A2 A d2 d|ced cBA|G2 G G2:|| |:d|dcd Bcd|e2 e e3|f2 f def|g2 g gfe| d2 d Bcd|e2 f gfe|ded cBA|G2 G G2:||
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Tune 543 - Dr. Casey's Fin Book

  A tune based on the Dr. Finlay's Casebook theme (from Trevor Duncan's march from A Little Suite) that I got from an Old Swan Band CD X:543 T:Dr Casey's Fin Book K:G M:2/4 L:1/8 D|:GD GB|dd d2|cd/c/ BA|Bc/B/ AD| GD GB|dd d2|cd/c/ BA|1G3 D:|2G4|| A2 AB|A2 AB|A2 AB|cd cB| A2 AB|A2 AB|AG FE|D4| A2 AB|A2 AB|A2 AB|cd cB| A2 AB|A2 d>d|dc BA|G3|

Tune 542 - You are my Sunshine

  You are my Sunshine is a standard of American old-time country music X:542 T:You Are My Sunshine M:4/4 L:1/8 K:G D2 G2 A2|B4 B4-|B2 B2 A2 B2|G4 G4-| G2 G2 A2 B2|c4 e4-|e2 e2 d2 c2|B8-| B2 G2 A2 B2|c4 e4-|e2 e2 d2 c2|B4 G4-| G2 z2 G2 A2|B6 c2|A2 A4 B2|G8-|G2||

Tune 541 - South Australia

  A sea shanty tune now used for a morris dance in the style of Adderbury. X:541 T:South Australia M:4/4 K:D P:OY A2|F3 G A2 F2|E4 D2|| P:A A2|F2 A2 A2 d2|B2 A2 A4|B2 A2 A4|B2 A2 A4| F2 A2 A2 F2|E2 F2 D2 DE|F3 G A2 F2|E4 D2|| P:B z2|d4 B2 d2|B2 A2 A4|B2 A2 A4|B2 A2 A4| d4 B2 d2|B2 A2 A2 DE|F3 G A2 F2|E4 D2||

Tune 540 - Bacca Pipes

  A morris jig tune from Headington X:540 T:Bacca Pipes M:6/8 L:1/8 K:EDor |:G3 G2 B|A2 G F2 A|G2 F E2 G|F2 E D2 F| G3 G2 B|A2 G F2 A|G2 E F2 D|E3 E3:| |:d3 d2 B|A2 F D3|d3 c2 d|e2 c A3| d3 d2 B|A2 F D2 F|G2 E F2 D|E3 E3:|

Tune 539 - The Matelot

  A tune I learned for the Tune of the Month. X:980 T:The Matelot M:6/8 K:D A|FED FED|FGA A2A|Bcd AGF|GEE E2A| FED FED|FGA A2A|Bcd edc|d3 -d2:: A|f2f fed|e2e e2A|Bcd edc|B3 A2A| f2f fed|e2e e2A|Bcd edc|d3 -d2:|

Tune 538 - Nelson the Fallen Hero

  A tune in remembrance of Horatio Nelson by Nathaniel Gow a Scottish musician/composer (28 May 1763 – 19 January 1831). X:3083 T:Nelson the Fallen Hero C:Nathaniel Gow M:C L:1/16 Q:"Pathetickly Slow" K:G B3A G2E2 DB,3 D4|D3E G2cB A2G2 A4| B3A G2E2 DB,3 D4|D3E G2cB B2A2 G4:| Bd3 d3e d2B2 d4|Bd3 d3e edBG A4| Bd3 d3e d2B2 d4|D4 cBAG B2A2 G4| Bd3 d3e d2B2 d4|Bd3 g3e edBG A4| B3A G2E2 DB,3 D4|D3E G2cB B2A2 G4||