Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Tune 377 - Sally Sloane's Jig/Trip to Cottingham

This tune was collected from Sally Sloane, from Parkes in central NSW by the pioneering folklore collector John Meredith in the 1950s, and her vast repertoire of songs and tunes continues to be one of the most important sources in Australian traditional music. 

The tune is also known as the Trip To Cottingham.

X:473 T:Sally Sloane's Jig T:Trip to Cottingham M:6/8 L:1/8 K:D A|FAd FAd|GBd GBd|FAd dcd|f2e e2A| FAd FAd|GBd GBd|FAd dcd|e2c d2:| |:e|f3 def|f2 e e2 f|g2 e cde|efe d2 e| f3 def|f2 e e2 f|g2 e cde|efe d2:| |:z|A3 F2 G|A3 F2 G|AFA dAd|fed cBA| G3 E2 F|G3 E2 F|GBA GFE|[1F3 G2:|[2D3 D2|]