Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Tune 8 - Rochdale Coconut Dance

This tune entered the repertoire of The New Victory Band some time in the 1980s and has a rather unclear provenance. Although there is a coconut dance in nearby Bacup, there is no evidence to suggest that a coconut dance ever existed in Rochdale. If not, where did the tune come from? It is likely that it came from the pen of some northern musician and found its way by stealth into the greater repertoire via NVB. Played on my C/F Pokerwork.

T:Rochdale Coconut Dance
G2 BB G2 B2|cBAG FGAc|G2 BB G2 B2|AGFE D2 d2|
G2 BB G2 B2|cBAG FGAc|BdBG AcAF|G4 G4:||
EFGF E2 B2|EFGF E2 B2|c2 Ac B2 GB|AGFE D4|
EFGF E2 B2|EFGF E2 B2|c2 Ac B2 GB|A2 F2 G4:||

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