Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Tune 18 - Lemmy Brazil's No. 2

Lemmy Brazil was a (female) member of a large family of travellers. ("Lemmy" is the shortened form of "Lementina" - "Brazil" is pronounced "Brazzle"). She played melodeon and mouth-organ, but all of the family were musical and were well-known for their singing. There were 15 brothers and sisters in that generation of the Brazil family of which the younger members were recorded.  Their parents were William Brazil, born in Devonshire, and Pricscilla Webb, born in Cornwall.  The family had lived in London for some time, then travelled in southern England and Lemmie was born "outside Southampton in Devonshire", following which they spent some 27 years travelling in Ireland, where most of the younger children were born, before returning to England and settling in Gloucester in 1919.

Played on a Hohner 1140 in C the same instrument Lemmie used.

Here is the tune in D

T:Lemmie Brazil's No 2
AG|F2A2 (3BcB A2|de fd (3BcB AG|FA dA Bc df|e2e2e2AG|
F2A2 (3BcB A2|de fd (3BcB AG|FA dA Bc df|e2e2d2:|
fg|af df af df|de fd (3BcB AG|FA dA Bc df|e2e2e2fg|
af df af df|de fd (3BcB AG|FA dA Bc df|e2e2d2:|

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