Sunday, 28 October 2012

Tune 60 - Jenny Lind

Jenny Lind was a popular singer born in Sweden in 1820. Everyone liked her so much that a number of tunes and songs were written about and for her, including polkas and other tunes. The first reference to the Jenny Lind "Polka" is in a collection of popular tunes for cornet orchestras, published in 1846.

T:Jenny Lind
g2 f2 ef e2|d2 B2 Bc B2|c2 A2 AG A2|B2 G2 G4|
g2 f2 ef e2|d2 B2 Bc B2|c2 A2 F2 AF|G2 G2 G4||
F2 AF G2 BG|A2 f2 fe f2|G2 e2 ef e2|F2 d2 dc d2|
F2 AF G2 BG|A2 f2 fe f2|g2 e2 c2 ec|d2 d2 d4|


  1. Good morning Lester!
    How timely, Jenny Lind will be next week's Tune of The Week for me. (I'm attempting Portsmouth this week, which I why I switched on to check out your blog. See what my Sunday morning priorities are!)

    I learned a very simple version of Jenny Lind when I started playing fiddle, and found the A part quite tricky; I've never tried it on melodeon. It's such a jolly, bouncy tune, I'll be very happy to have it under my belt. Thanks so much for providing this brilliant resource.

    1. Thanks Lynn, and good luck with learning it. It should be noted that I play this back to front to most people, with the G part first and the D part second, I learned it that way in isolation many years ago and like it that way :)