Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Tune 132 - Glorishears - Field Town

A morris dance tune from Field Town in Oxfordshire. Said to be named in celebration of 40 'Glorious Years' of the reign of Queen Victoria.

T:Glorishear - Field Town
d/2c/2|BAG GFG|ABA D2 G|ABA Adc|BcA GAB|
cde def|def g2 f|edc BcA|GAG G3||
e2 d dAB|cdc cAB|cde edc|GAG FED|
G2 g gfg|G2 g g2 f|edc BcA|GAG G3||
e6 d6|d3 A3 B6|c3 d3 c6|c3 A3 B6|
c3 d3 e6|e3 d3 c6|G3 A3 G6|F3 E3 D6|
G6 g6|g3 f3 g6|G6 g6|g8-g2 f2|[L:1/8]edc BcA|GAG G2||

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