Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Tune 182 - Jiggery Pokerwork

In celebration of the half way point of this tune-a-day enterprise, a tune I can nearly play :). This is a brilliant John Spiers tune.

Thanks to everyone who has stuck with it so far, gets harder from now as I only have about 50-70 tunes left in my repertoire and another 183 to go.

T:Jiggery Pokerwork
C:John Spiers
E2 F GFE | B2 c A3 | A2 B G2 B | BAG FGF |
E2 F GFE | B2 c A3 | A2 B G2 B | BAF E3 :||
B_B=B GEB | _B=BG EB_B | BGE cGE | dAF gdB |
B_B=B GEB | _B=BG EB_B | A3 d3 | BAF E3 :|