Monday, 15 April 2013

Tune 229 - Postman's Knock - Adderbury

A morris dance tune from Adderbury with the additional bits as per Aldbury Morris Men.

T:Postman's Knock - Adderbury 
G|GBc d2 B|cde d2 d|gdB BAG|A3 A2 G| 
GAB d2 d|cde d2 B|Agf ed^c|d4- d2| 
dcB Bgg|gGA B2 B|d2 d gfe|f3 e2 d| 
dgg gdB|ABc|e3 e3|e3 e2 d|dgB B2 A|G3 G3|| 
d2 d d2 d|efg d3|gfe d2 B|B2 A B3|d2 d d2 d| 
efg d3|gfe d2g|g3 f3|g3-g2||

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