Sunday, 7 July 2013

Tune 312 - Hole in the Wall

A tune from Playford's Complete Dancing Master c1651. No basses because my accidentals are in the wrong direction for the required chords.

T:Hole in the Wall 
B3 c Bc d2 A2 d2|G3 A GA B2 F2 B2|
E3 FEF G2 D2 B2|G6 F2 G4:|| 
g3 f ef g2 f2 e2|^d3 e de f2 B2 f2|
g3 f ef g2 f2 e2|e6 ^d2 e4| E3 F EF G2 FG A2|
G3 A GA B2 AB c2|B3 c Bc d2 D2 d2|B6 AB G4||

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