Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Tune 378 - Auvergne Mazurka

A mazurka from the Auvergne. It is played with (hopefully) a mazurka rhythm in the A part and a waltz rhythm in the B part as it is danced in the Auvergne.

I have played this previously under a different name and in a different style - Lumpy Custard.

T:Auvergne Mazurka
A2 dc d2|A2 fe f2|gf ed cd|ed cB A2|
A2 dc d2|A2 fe f2|gf ed ce|1 e2 d2 z2:|2 e2 d2 fg||
a2 ab ag|f2 d2 ef|g2 ga gf|e4 fg|a2 ab ag|f2 d2 ef|
gf ed ce|1 e2 d2 fg:|2 e2 d2 z2||

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