Thursday, 25 September 2014

Tune 391 - Tom Tulley's Hornpipe

AKA Tom Tolly's Hornpipe, Tom Fowler's Hornpipe (with an abbreviated B Music), it appears in the 19th century manuscripts of English musicians Rev. Robert Harrison (Brampton, Cumbria, 1820) and James Winder (Wyresdale, Lancashire, 1835-41).

T:Tom Tulley's Hornpipe
Bc|dcBA Ggfg|e4 d4|cdcB ABAG|F4 E4|
DEFG A2 B2|c2 de d2 c2|BAGA D2 F2|G4 G2:||
d2|g2 bg e2 ag|f4 d4|g2 bg e2 ag|f4 d2 ef|
gddd gddd|gdgd gddd|g3 f edcB|ABAG F3 E|
DEFG A2 B2|c2 de d2 c2|BAGA D2F2|G4 G2:||

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