Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Tune 397 - Joy to the World

A Christmas Carol from 1719, words by Isaac Watts and the tune based on a piece by Handel.

Played on a Wheatstone Aeola Single Action Bass, thus it only plays on the push and has large flap valves to refill the bellows on the pull. The concertina is painted gold as it was originally used by the The Fayre Four Sisters a 1920s/30s music hall concertina band.

T:Joy to the World
g2 f>e|d3 c|B2 A2|G3 d|e3 e|f3 f|
g4-|g3 g|gf ed|d>c Bg|gf ed|d>c BB|
BB BB/c/|d3 c/B/|AA AA/B/|c3 B/A/|
G g2 e|d>c Bc|B2 A2|G4||

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