Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Tune 437 - See, Amid the Winter's Snow

An English Christmas carol. It was written by Edward Caswall, with music composed by Sir John Goss.

T:See, Amid The Winter's Snow
C:John Goss, 1871
G3 A G2 F2|E3 D D4|G2 A2 c2 B2|B3 A A4|
G3 A G2 F2|E3 D D4|G2 A2 B2 c2|A3 G G4|
d3 d c2 B2|A2 G2 F4|d3 d c2 B2|A2 G2 F4|
G3 A G2 F2|E3 D D4|d3 B G2 c2|B2 A2 G4|]

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