Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Tune 459 - Royal Burlesque Hornpipe

I know nothing about this tune, heard it in a local session.

T:Royal Burlesque Hornpipe
D2|G>FG>B A>GF>A|G>AB>c d2 B>d|
c>BA>c B>AG>B|A>GF>A F2 D2|
G>FG>B A>GF>A|G>AB>c d2 B>d|
c>BA>G F>DE>F|G2 g2 g2:||
g>f|e>cc>c G>cc>c|d>BB>B G>BB>B|
c>AA>A D>FA>F|G>AB>c d>gf>g|
e>cc>c G>cc>c|d>BB>B G>BB>B|
c>BA>G F>DE>F|G2 g2 g2:||

1 comment:

  1. It sounded familiar, so I went on a hunt. It wasn't easy to find (especially since it doesn't seem to be online in ABC form before yesterday ;-), but I eventually tracked it down in a book on one of my shelves: the Northern Frisk collection (Knowles, Knowles & McGrady, 1988), tune 121. Except for the dotted (>) notes, it's identical to your version. And now it's in my collection, too.

    There seems to be no information about its origin. Not even tunearch.org knows anything about it, though its predecessor at http://www.ibiblio.org/fiddlers/ does list it and the above info. The foreword to the book implies that tunes without info are "traditional" in the English North. Some tunes list a composer and/or copyright info, but this one doesn't. I wonder if we can track down where it came from ...