Friday, 10 November 2017

Tune 487 - Wednesday Night Polka

A tune a customer played when he picked his box up in my workshop, other than that I know nothing see update below the ABC.

T:Wednesday Night Polka
C:Dave Ingledew (arr L Bailey)
|:GA Bc d2 d2|e2 e2 d2 d2|c2 B2 A2 G2|B4 A4|
GA Bc d2 d2|e2 e2 d2 d2|c2 A2 F2 A2|1G2 d2 d2 d2:|2 G4 G4||
|:E4 E4|c2 c2 B4|A2 G2 F2 G2|B4 A4|
E4 E4|c2 c2 B4|A2 G2 F2 A2|1G4 G4:|2G2 d2 d2 d2||

The composer of this tune Dave Ingledew has been in tough with the folowing info: I wrote it in 1979 when requested 
to record a new signature tune for the BBC Radio Solent folk program. I 
composed it on a Wednesday night, hence the title.

He also added thatAs you will see (from his attached pdf) your source got the tune the wrong way round, the A music is the B music and it has morphed quite a bit from my 
original intention.

I have attached Dave's original version below.


  1. I think it was written by Dave Ingledew. There is a hint in it of the Saturday night Morris tune. Although Dave denied it when I mentioned it to him!

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  3. It was written by Dave Ingledew and was used as the theme tune for BBC Radio Solent's folk show.