This page gives some information on the boxes I play in the videos.

Penguin of Death Pokerwork D/G

This is a Hohner Pokerwork that I have heavily modified, it is 4th button start, tuned using the Vienna system, and sprayed satin black. It gets its name from the Penguin of Death badge on the treble end.

Banderica D/G

This is a Hohner Erica, stripped of its celluloid and re-reeded with new reeds in the Bandoneon style ie one reed in the medium octave and one in the low octave.

Hohner 1 Row 4 Stops

I have two of these one in D and one in G

Oxford Erica C/F

This is another modified Erica in the Keys of C/F. It is called the Oxford Erica because it is sprayed Oxford Blue and originally owned by a Oxford character.

Hohner 1140 C

This is an early Hohner 1 Row 4 Bass in the key of C.

Hohner Club Model IV C/F

A big old Hohner Club which has had the gleichton tuned to the more normal melodeon notes.

Hohner Pre-Pokerwork G/C

This is a pokerwork box but with celluloid casework.

Saltarelle L'Elfique D/G

My sole remaining commercial posh box. This box has a stop in the treble to control the third low reed and one in the bass to remove the thirds from the chords. 

Swiss Tony - Hohner Erica

Swiss Tony is my latest acquisition from eBay. It is one of the reasonably rare Swiss Made Ericas hence its name. Hohner moved some of their production to Switzerland post-WW2 when buying stuff marked as Made in Germany was a hard sell. It is by far the best Hoher I have ever owned and therefore you may well hear a lot more from it.
Melodeon nerds may notice that I have recently converted Swiss Tony to 4th button start with the G Scale Layout

Pariselle 2.5 Row

This is a melodeon that I built on a course given my favourite Frenchman Emmanuel Pariselle. 

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  1. Hi Lester,

    This lovely melodeon must be you come across other black German Ericas in DG like this?

    Many thanks!