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It all started on where we have a monthly tune and theme and people record videos or audios to share with their chums. In September 2012 the Theme of the Month was English Tunes and since I am inclined to bang on about how I'm English so I should play my countries tunes etc I decided rather than on entry I would record one tune a day. Then I got to thinking I might extend this to a tune a day for a year to record my current repertoire for posterity :). So I will publish a tune a day on this blog hopefully until 31st August 2013. The tunes will not be exclusively English after the first 30 or so but also include tunes from Europe and American, and anything else that comes to my fingers.

The tunes are recorded using a Lumix TX20 and the recording takes place in my melodeon workshop where I repair and renovate melodeons since my retirement from a real job in 2010. 

Lester's Melodeon Emporium and Tune-a-Rama


  1. Hi Lester,
    what a great list of tunes you offer!
    Thanks a lot. Recently I found the
    tune 'Girl in Clover':

    But couldn't find ABC for it.
    Can you help?
    best regards

  2. Thank you Lester for persevering and adding so many tunes to your blog. I can't tell you how helpful it has been to a melodeon beginner like myself. I pick up a tune book and then come to your blog to see what that tune sounds like and if I like it enough to spend many hours trying to learn it!
    Thank you so much.

  3. HI Lester.jack here from to say i love this site.only found it while trying to find tunes on abc.I play an old hohner single row pokerwork.I have been searching for a site like this for years.i am an x irish trad fiddler but my heart has always been melodeon.thanks for uploading such onderfull music and keep it going,,,Jack

  4. i've been twinkling through the posts at but i am unable to register! do you have any clues as to how i can do that? or do i need an invitation? i just got a hohner 1 row ... i think it's g. trying to find places to learn to play@

    1. Go to and follow the instructions under Registrations:

      Today Dec 14th 2014 we have had several spammers registering every hour. As a temporary measure the registration feature has been turned off. To register please use the contact page (bottom left of this page) to send an email to the admins to request registration. When you register you will receive an email which you must respond to in order to confirm your membership. Do not register with a disposable email address.


    2. Hi Lester,

      I am interested in a melodeon which you have tuned and re-waxed and is on sale at Bristol's Hobgoblin. It's a Hohner Club 3b in C/F. I play a Hohner Pokerwork in D/G. Do you think the transition to the Club model would be easy? I want the more fully chromatic nature of the club to be able to play more varied music. Any info would be invaluable.
      Best wishes.

  5. Hi Lester. Can you tell me what the letter stand for please.

    T:My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean . . . (title)
    M:3/4 . . . . . (time sig) ?
    L:1/4 . . . . . (no idea) ?
    K:D . . . . . . (key)

    Many thanks


    1. All you could ever wish to know about the tune format (ABC) can be found here

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