Monday, 10 December 2012

Tune 103 - Barwick Green

Barwick Green is the theme music to the long-running BBC Radio 4 rural soap opera The Archers. It is a maypole dance from the suite My Native Heath, written in 1924 by the Yorkshire composer Arthur Wood, and named after Barwick-in-Elmet. It is also a tune I used for a morris dance called Grundy's Delight.

T:Barwick Green
C:Arthur Wood
d2 B g2 e|d2 B G3|d2 B g2 f|e3 d3|
d2 B g2 e|d2 B G3|A2 d ^cdc|d3 d3||
e2 f gfe|c2 d edc|B2 c dcB|B3 A3|
d2 B g2 e|d2 B G3|d2 g fga|g3 g3||

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