Thursday, 20 December 2012

Tune 113 - Not for Joe

This is one of a number of Welsh Border tunes known as Not for Joe. This one is used for the dance from the village of Dilwyn.

T:Not For Joe
D2 G2 D2 G2|F2 E2 F2 E2|D2 G2 D2 G2|F2 G2 A4|
D2 G2 D2 G2|F2 E2 F2 E2|D4 B3 A|G2 F2 G4:|
B3 A G2 B2|c4 A4|B3 A G2 B2|A2 F2 D4|
B3 A G2 B2|c4 A4|D4 B3 A|G2 F2 G4:|

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  1. I like this. Are you planning on doing a video of Stop Me And Buy One?