Saturday, 16 March 2013

Tune 199 - Tavern in the Town

Seems this was first recorded in 1883 in sheet music published by Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. of New York

T:Tavern In The Town 
d|d3 de d^c d|B2 d3/2 d/2 d3 d|d3 de d^c d| 
A2 d3/2 e/2d-cB-A|G2 B2 d2 g2|ag fg e4|
f3 ff de f| g2 g2 g2 dd|df ff fd cA|Gg gg gd BG|
Af ff fd ef| g2 e2 d3 d|d3 de d^c d|B2 d3/2 d/2 d3 B| 
d3 de d^c d|A2 d3/2 e/2d-cB-A|G2 B2 d2 g2| 
ag fg e4|f3 ff de f|g2 g2 g2||

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