Friday, 22 March 2013

Tune 205 - British Grenadiers

The Regimental Quick March of the Royal Artillery (since 1716), Corps of Royal Engineers (since 1787), the Honourable Artillery Company (since 1716), Grenadier Guards 'The First (later 'Grenadier') Regiment of Foot Guards' (since 1763), and the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers (since 1763).

T:British Grenadiers
K:GD2|G2D2 G2A2|B2cB A2Bc|d2G2 BAGF|G6:|| Bc|d3e d2c2|B3c d2d2|e2e2 dcBA|G4F3D|
G2FG A2GA|B2AB c2Bc|d2G2 BAGF|G6||

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