Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Tune 357 - Herbert Mallet's

Melodeon player Herbert Mallett, who lived for much of his life in the north Norfolk village of Aldborough, was in many respects the archetypal traditional musician; a village performer who played for his community.

T:Herbert Mallet
d2 D d2 e|d2 B G2 D|E2 G A2 G|F2 E D3|
d2 D d2 e|d2 B G2 D|EFG A2 F|G3 G3:||
B2 A GFE|D2 B, D2 D|G2 D G2 B|A3 A3|
B2 A GFE|D2 B, D2 D|EFG A2 F|G3 G3:||

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