Thursday, 29 August 2013

Well That's That Then!

Well that's the year up then. The project has been, in equal proportions, FUN, Educational, and a PITA. The first 200 odd tunes were easy and in my commonly played repertoire, the next 100 in my "I know it to play along" or "I know it, but don't know its name" section and the last 60 odd I have had to learn and that has been a struggle. The more observant amongst you may have noticed of late that instead of my happy cheerful smile to camera I have taken to staring down to the right, well that's where my music was.

Why did I keep going? Well I kept meeting people at sessions, festivals, etc who I'd never seen before who would sidle up and say "Your Lester aren't you?" and "Thank you so much for the blog". A prime example being a chat I had with a passing whistle player in a coffee shop in Whitby, he said "I know you from somewhere" and it turned out he had been learning John of Paris and found my video on YouTube. These chats made it all worthwhile and I feel I have done my bit for new players, people searching for tunes, etc.

For the sad data people out there, like me :) I have had ~56,000 page hits on the blog and my YouTube channel has had ~80,000 views in the year. 

I shall be carrying on posting tunes as I learn new ones but very much more intermittently. For starters I have returned from a very enjoyable Whitby Folk Week with a list of 25 tunes to learn.

Thanks to all my readers for their kind words and encouragement!



  1. Well done Lester, it's a great achievement and a tremendous resource!


  2. Well done Lester...., Mr Tenacity...!
    Knew you could do it,.... You had the capacity..!

  3. Endurance and passion, what a combination! Well done Lester.

  4. Endurance and passion, what a combination. Well done Lester!